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Online-Coaching in Economics

Are you a last-minute learner? Who answers your last-minute questions? Who advices you with respect to an efficient exam preparation strategy? Smartphones and Apps offer new opportunities for mobile learning and digital education. Please watch learning videos (nuggets) in economics on my YouTube channel here.

Coaching for students with low-educated parents

"Low educational attainment still persists particularly among those with low-educated parents" (OECD, Education at a glance, 2016, p. 75). This is true especially in Germany where pupils are selected in differently demanding school types very early, at the age of ten (Schütz/Wössmann, 2005). 
Whereas I am able to coach my children as an Associate Professor, my parents could not help me with my assignments in high school, although they provided unconditional love, motivation and positive feedback, acting as my mentors. In one's live, both coaches and mentors are necessary for a successful career. In my view, success means following your passions subject to unavoidable budget constraints.
I would like to share my experiences with you - pro bono. I offer coaching for students with low-educated parents proposed by the Bonn team of I offer hard skill training in the fields of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and microeconometrics combined with soft skill training. Please note that this is a pro-bono coaching offer, not a commercial tutorial or revision course.